Running Man Ep 81 Review

Well yesterday i watched ep 81 of running man and well…I’m not sure where I got this idea from maybe from an article somewhere but i had thought that the episode was going to be about finding gary through his memories, like they were going to kidnap him and stuff but no they just stole his backpack that contained a treasure and would find it by his memories of things he did in Europe. Though the episode did have its funny moments, i wont deny that, I felt sorry for gary, he had a 20? hour flight back to Korea and lets be real you cant really sleep good on an airplane and still has to film the episode as soon as he gets off the plane. It must have been a really tough and long day for him but I was hoping the members were gonna leave him alone to sleep a bit but they just kept going to him to ask him questions when he was obviously too tired to think straight. But I think it was an ok episode, I didnt know the train station from harry potter was a really place,platform 9? Overall in my opinion i think it was an ok episode not one of my favorites but it was ok, episode 82 looks good from what i saw. from what i could tell it seems everyone is gonna be a spy and they wont know it but im not gonna get excited over it since i dont know korean and i would be wrong. But on the bright side omg kwangsoo oppa finally won first place!!! he must have been soo happy!!! dont you just love him? yes i sorta have a crush on the man, but hasnt started to like him? he sorta has his own charm ^ – ^


awww the gifs dont work, you have to open them in another pg sorry


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