Running Man ep 78-80 review

Omg im so sorry to whoever reads my posts,lol I havent posted anything in a while but ive become kinda lazy lately,lol

remember this is a review so it’s gonna contain spoilers so dont say u werent warned.

So ok lets starts with episode 78 *just a sec let me look up what episode it is,lol*. Soo episode 78 is the new year one and the members sorta start bragging about the prizes they won except poor gary and suk jin that didnt get any so instead they get a fake award given by the guest. After that the teams are split into two and the games begin. My favorite part though i felt slightly jealous and slightly sorry for is the part when they’re doing the game of raising the heartbeat with kwangsoo,lol poor oppa just getting played and he’s smiling all happily. Basically i love this episode because of kwangsoo I think he really liked this chick and all the stuff that he did omg i just kept laughing and going awww and she just used him and in the end knowing maybe he had the chance to win he gave the key to her, aww found that totally adorable. Oppa if ur reading this I would totally date you,lol

heres are my favorite parts * i would write more but cant really remember the episode*

*look at him soo happy*

Now ep 79 which was awesome,at first i was confused as many as of you were or will be but in the end your gonna be like O.M.G totally daebaek(?)!!! So we find out someone stole the fake trophy given to suk jin and they have to solve the mystery and find who stole it. You start seeing ominous music being played and the guest appear to know more than what you would think they would know. At the same time so many jong kook and ji hyo moments in this episode, i was soo happy before the news broke out about ji hyo but thats another story. Through out the episode we find out everything has been planned out by suk jin! cant you believe it? neither could I,lol Throughout the whole episode they make you think maybe the guest where the ones that stole the prize but it was just the awesome editing job by the editors that made it seem like they were suspicious and working together. But in the end we find out they were actually bluffing and trying to find the clues as well, poor guests. Overall this was an awesome episode though it starts confusing but in the end you are like omg how didnt i see this? your gonna love this episode and here are some ji hyo and sparta moments, I didnt take much screen caps for this one.

FYI: I found the comedians in the beggining kinda annoying so maybe you will too,lol just a little heads up for those who havent watched the ep.

* i just died when he said he was gonna use all his strength, u go and protect our unni,lol*

Now episode 80 was a charlies angels theme, though personally not sure what that means since i never watched that show.  And like always the boys were all excited when they found out the guest were all girls, which is kinda mean because throughout the episode they kept saying that ji hyo was just one of the guys, poor unni even though maybe she knows they’re joking around i think her feeling could still get hurt. If it were me i would be laughing but inside it wouldn’t really feel soo good. So the girls * mainly ha ra(?) starts eliminating people saying well this is the object of the game right? to eliminate people, and with that jong kook doesnt suspect her even after haha says that could be a possibility he’s like nah it’s not possible. Oppa really is weak against girls,lol So we find out ji hyo is the charlie and shes like you know i know you like pretty girls lets see what you do when theyre the ones taking you down or something like that,lol Overall I think it was a pretty good episode and i liked when they were disco dancing?,jaja and when hyo min kept asking questions to gary and he either got annoyed or embarrassed because he didnt know what to answer,lol so i didn’t really get any screen caps sorry i tried getting one of ji hyo right now when she was dressed as Charlie but my internet is really slow right now but I’ll try posting it later if I remember.

So until next time, im really looking forward to episode 81 though where they have to find gary because hes been “kindnapped”  through his memories of his trip to europe cant wait it looks good ^^


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