Running Man ep 77 review

So i watched ep 77 a while ago and well it made my day, even remembering it right now brings a smile to my lips and then a laugh, yes i thought it was that good. Chunhee(?) and kwangsoo are an awesome pair there wasnt a moment where i wasnt laughing when they were together,lol Ji jin hee is not far behind either that man is handsome but he made me laugh just as much. If youre having a bad day this is the episode to watch or re-watch and problem solved,lol So every team goes little by little almost at the end to the island where they are supposed to collect numbers to complete a row of bingo, so they’re looking everywhere which brings me to my favorite part like halfway to the end of the episode *spoiler read at ur own risk, but it is a review after all* where you see that chunhee(?) and kwangsoo see a helicopter which they think is highly suspicious, i just think theyre trying to impress each other,lol, and start searching around it. When one of them,cant remember who, has the bright idea that the number could be,lmao, under the helicopter,lol any normal person would of thought  nah that can’t be possible but i guess these two are not normal because seconds later what do you see?…them trying to lift up the helicopter!!! omg i had to stop the video because i couldnt stop laughing it never crossed my mind that they would actually try to do it.  Even now im laughing as im remembering it, maybe theyre like long-lost brothers or something,lol Before they got to the island they had to do missions in bingo style where they had to choose a food, go to the restaurant where they give it and do games and if they won the game they would get to eat and leave but if they didnt they had to try over and over again until they won. The actor that was on the same team as haha, jae suk and ji hyo (red team) was awesome as well the only team that didnt come out much was the jong kook,gary,ji jin hee and suk jin(blue team) but i think thats because they were able to finish the games fast but the yellow and red team well…they made my day ^__^ Overall this was an awesome episode and ep 78 was awesome too but i’ll do the review for that one later meanwhile here are some screen caps of ep 77. enjoy ^ ^

* here chunhee and kwangsoo are acting like if they found a number in order to create “chaos”,jaja

* omg when theyre trying to lift the helicopter ^ ^

* you are probably wondering why i put this,lol well this is when jae suk and his vj went to the top of the hill and then the vj got scared thinking he saw something and asked jae suk if he thought maybe it was a wild hog or something,lol

while ji hyo and the actor are having fun haha and jae suk are dying,lol

* ^____^ i thought ji hyo and the actor looked cute together,lol still a ace couple shipper though,lol


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