Thousand Kisses ep 13 reviev

What is it with korean dramas? The ex gf of the soccer guy comes back and just simply expects to get back with him like nothing happened, really? This is the same with My name is Kim Sam Soom(though a different circumstance) she came back expecting to start the relationship like she was never gone. Whats worst is that they do everything they can against the girl theyre ex’s like, like if they still had any kind of claim to him. Seeing this kind of things pisses me off, makes girls seem like crazy loonatics that cant get over a guy. As im seeing the grandma talk to woo jin’s dad i can kinda see where she’s coming from but… in the end its her grand daughters wedding her happiness. Shouldn’t she be able to put everything aside for her sake? It upsets me that shes thinking more about herself than he grand daughter’s happiness, but idk lets see where this goes. ok I take it back now,lol since she agreed to the marriage. OMG hes gonna propose huh, sorry im watching a bit and then i type what im feeling so you could say this post is about my feelings on this episode right off the press?,lol aww the proposal was really sweet but…omg they just had to get me mad right after this, ugh her ex mother in law really gets in my nerves, but ugh you cant get along with everyone but she should have known better you cant just take someone’s kid like that without telling anyone even if your are the kids grandmother. So thats it i havent been watching as much as before, ima post about running man before i start ep 78,lol


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