We Got Married afterlife…

Ok maybe the title sound a bit fanfic? or something but it’s actually something that comes to my mind every time a couple leaves we got married. What exactly happens after they leave, with the earlier couples you know they did the 100th day photo shoot(that i really loved) and bought things together for their house and stuff. But in the end when they say good-bye who gets everything?. Who stays with the wedding photos? The decorations they bought together? Does we got married keep them or do the couples keep them and split everything half way? The seem to have a good chemistry in the show and people start even shipping them but then when they leave we still ship them, but do they continue talking to each other? I would like to think yea they do, they simply can’t stop being friends or whatever’s like that but maybe at the same time they do stop talking to each other and maybe once i a while just not as often as we would like to think. One painful( b/c i really shipped this couple) example was the alshin couple, alex chu and Shin Ae, I could’ve sworn they really liked each other and that they were perfect for each other. But what happened? After a few months of leaving the show she got married to someone else (it almost killed me) after it had been revealed her dad was sick, not sure if its true but i think she got married because of that reason. Because wouldn’t it been unfair and mean to be in we got married that is a show about a virtual marriage and be dating someone with plans of marriage? I don’t want to think about it that way i want to give her the benefit of the doubt. I wish i could ask them, who kept the wedding photos? Do you still think about those times? Do you keep in contact with each other, or when they go somewhere they went with that person do they come to mind? I know this is just a show but this is a show that…how can i explain it…you can’t simply enter it and expect to leave it with the same feeling as when you entered it. It can start oh! its just a fake marriage but i think feelings begin to develop maybe it’s not love but I think a sort of chemistry starts to come out. You cant go on dates with a person, live with a person and do stuff with a person and not feel anything at all. One example of this is the gundam couple jun jin and lee si young that after a few month of being in wgm left because they started dating for real. The lettuce couple started awkward and had an age difference but as they kept going you could see he really cared, so what happened? Idk and its something that if I knew Korean and saw one of them i would try asking, or is it all acting? but can you really do that? Can you act like you cared? Maybe yea, idk But this show deals a lot with emotions i think, and I think it’s especially hard on the girls because well…lets be realistic us girls tend to over think everything and when a guy starts to treat us nice or do nice things we take it a step ahead,lol So coming from the girl’s side I really think feelings do develop. So do they keep the wedding photos or is it to hard to go trough them and remember those feelings? If they meet in the hallways of kbs,mbc or sbs do they greet each other? or what do they do? This show just leaves so many unanswered questions at least to me as a viewer.

OMG i just remembered something!  sorry, when i said earlier than you cant come into this show and expect to leave the same say the proof for it is the Solbi couple! Andy and Solbi, wasnt it the reason why they left? Because they were starting to have feeling for each other but they didnt want to ruin their friendship or something like that (i’ll have to go back to that episode) they really liked each other but left because they didnt want to hurt each other, which i dont really understand, but feelings do develop! I know i went off track a little but the main point is that what happens when the cameras are gone and your not a couple anymore, what happens after you leave?

my fave couples






OMG I just miss these couples, i really wished they did some kind of special,lol


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