Asian dramas ive watched + reviews

wow I totally forgot about this,haha ok here i go again

1) Crime Squad a.k.a Detectives in Trouble(i think)

I really liked this drama and i give it a 4/5. Though when you look up the synopsis dont pay any attention to it, well depends where you get it from. Some post that hes looking for his crooked detective brother which is not true no such thing. But its a great drama and i love the love line(well kinda a love line,but i really shipped this couple,lol) between reporter jo and detective park. Unlike other dramas that start with one thing and somehow end up focusing more on the love line but this one focused more on the actual crimes which I loved. Thats why i’m still hoping they make a second season of this drama ^^ .

2) Jumong

I still cant believe i havent posted this one, my favorite historical drama, its a tie with QSD. I give this one a 5/5. It has awesome war scenes, fight scenes and a sad love story,sad because*spoiler* they never really end up together. It doesnt have as much drama as QSD but its war scenes are good, well to me since i like those kind of things. The actors who potrays jumong,dont really know his name, also come out in some other drama where he portrays jumong’s grandson,lol find it kinda funny he portrays the grandfather and the grandson,lol. But overall this was a good drama to watch for a historical drama.

3) What’s up Fox

What's Up Fox?

One of the first ten?15? dramas I’ve watched and its really good and i give it 3.5/5. Its a younger guy and older woman who have a one night stand, shes the bff of his older sister and its shown that he has always had an interest in her since they were young. Its really cute and funny and im a give a 4/5 now,lol When you dont have a drama to watch i recommend watching this one.

4) Summer Scent

Summer Scent

I remembered i liked this drama but at the moment cant really remember it i just remember i hate the guy she dates before meeting the main guy he and his family was very controlling of her life even when she tries to break up with him.  I think im rewatch this one sometime later but ima give it a 3.5/5 It was nice but I do remember that i didnt like the boyfriend she had.

5) Romance Zero

Romance Zero

This is a really nice and cute drama and it made me laugh at some times, so i give this one a 4/5. Basically its like a marriage agency finding love for people who dont want it or do wanna it but cant find. But apart from the people they try to find love for you also see the lives of the main characters. It’s a really good drama and i really enjoyed watching this drama.

So this is my next batch of dramas ima try to remember to do this again soon. Haven’t really update on my drama watch cause well… I havent really been watching in the last past weeks but i just saw today that they posted a few episodes of gye baek soo…i think i may be posting something soon.


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