WGM season 3 couples are leaving! *some of em*

OMG can you believe it?! Im so upset right now over it, i cant believe the pd would do that to us. * and yes im taking it kinda personal,lol* Even though its not certain when they will leave it is a fact that they will. Theyre gonna replace them with two other couples from two other super junior members, i like suju but come on! they already give a lot of airtime to the leeteuk and sora couple. It actually seems lately like its more about the leeteuk/sora couple than the others, they get about 30 something minutes and the show is 70 minutes it doesnt seem fair and even then theyre the couple that gets to stay. Both the Brave couple and the woojung couple have to leave, i would understand the woojung couple but even then i dont want them to leave. I like all 3 couple this season, but theres obvious favoritism toward super junior and i think its just a lame and mean attempt to raise the ratings. I wish i was in korea right now or were korean so i could join something to tell em how i feel. Because i could tweet them my complaints(already did,haha) but its not like they would care what international fans think since we got nothing to do with the ratings, but i could bet them that if they add subs to the korean channels everywhere for this shows i bet our ratings would be more higher than the ones in korea. Some people think many are upset because it is super junior and maybe some are upset, but i think most of us are upset that our favorite couple or couples are gonna be leaving and just like that, are they even gonna get to complete the year its just about 3 more months left. I just hope that they give em at least 2 more months and that they give em the wedding photo shoot to leave with a good memory and not a feeling of getting kicked out cause thats how it feels like.Of course this is just my opinion but i know there are some people that feel the same way about this as me. On a brighter note(i guess) im kinda looking foward to the spin off and one of the couples announced was Mblaq’s lee joon and After School’s Lizzy which personally im looking forward to. Because i know both of them through oh my school and running man and i loved the way they were there, so im looking forward to what they have to offer.

found this omg!!


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