Running Man ep 75 review

So i watched ep 75 of running and i gotta say i haven’t laughed this much recently with the current episodes of running man. I’m happy they finally gave ji hyo the chance to be with good looking guys despite that they were younger than her. Though now i kinda ship the monday couple and the ace couple,lol i feel they dont really look after her as a girl theres always female guest and when there is male guest she gets to be with the other running man members. But now they finally gave her some guys,haha hope they give her guest around her age and in the same team as her so im really looking forward to the actors special,lol This episode was really funny i loved how minho was running all over the place getting the math signs but my favorite part was almost at the very beginning where they are all running to look for the car park and kwang soo yell that’s its to the right and everybody starts running to the right without stopping to look around. Then you hear the running man staff saying where are they going as they are all running toward somewhere else, i repeated that part like 3 times and couldn’t stop laughing, you just gotta love kwang soo. The part where they all over take sparta kook is hilarious too its like the deer all of sudden decided they wanted to taste some meat,jaja  Over all this was a good episode ^^


(somewhere under all those people is sparta)



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