Korean dramas a glimpse into real life?

This is something i’ve been wanting to write about for a while but not sure how to start it but first I want to start to by saying happy new new years!

Ok a few years back I watched the drama You’re Beautiful and many loved it but from there a great hate? or dislike came towards Uee that they didnt like her and it wasnt till I saw it last year(lol) and saw the Greatest Love or a.k.a Best Love  that i understood why, both of these dramas mainly YB was about idol life. It came to me why they didnt like Uee and maybe some of you will share my opinion. But in the drama Uee is a pop star and in front of the camera shes sweet and kind and everyone loves her but off camera shes actually conceited and selfish, and people loved to hate her. But for me i loved her acting and thought she did a great job so when i was seeing the best love and saw flashbacks of when they main lead actress was in a girl band and all the drama they had and everything it kinda hit me. They didnt dislike uee but I think they used that as an excuse to hate her, I feel like im going in circles cause im still not sure how to phrase it. But, I think they disliked her because she represented in her character what could actually be happening in real life with the actors,singers…etc We see in the kpop news how some singers go visit people at hospitals or do charity and stuff but for all we know they could just do it for publicity. Uee showed this in this drama and people disliked her character like no tommorow. In BL when they used to be in the group as treasure girls 3 of the 4 girls got along but the leader always had trouble with the 4th member. There are so many girls and boy groups with 5,6,7 and up to 9 or more members that live under the same roof , and you have to be realistic about this yes in tv they seem to get along well but i dont think this is all the time, and recently ive seen articles where group members have come out and said yes we do fight and then i read comments that say “omg why would they fight?” or “i think this person would beat the other person” and take it more like a joke as if something like that wouldnt really happen, but if 5 or more people live under the same roof tension is bound to build up in certain times and fights are bound to happen. Even though both of this dramas were awesome and romantic and funny I loved that they had this “hidden” messages and i say hidden because some people ignore it and choose to hide it instead. I love kpop and its groups but im not gonna turn a blind eye that they all get along and live happily or that all of them are true and kind people but i do hope that they are since im a fan. Of course all this is just my opinion that you may share or disagree with but this is what I think. ^^


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