A thousand kisses ep 4 – 12 review

haha yea a big jump i know i got a little carried away one day, but thats another story ^^
Im trying to concentrate and write this but on tv theyre giving A thousand days promise and since i cant understand korean… I keep looking at the screen for the subs,lol Ugh i think ima look this drama up,lol I cant figure out who her husband is, or if she has one. ok back to the review. So i left off at where shes trying to get a divorce and her sister is acting like the guys fake girlfriend *ima be mixing the episodes because i cant remember what i saw in which episode*. So the wife finally catches the husband having a “farewell” trip to end his affair with his mistress who by the way calls her to let her know that her husband is with him. She goes to see if its true and the soccer guy takes her when he sees her trying to get a cab but doensnt have the money to pay for it, so she goes to the hotel and yup hes there. So ends up divorcing him saying she wouldnt be able to live with him again because she would be distrustful and more unhappy that she already is. So the younger sister joo mi poses as the fake gf and woojin’s parents take a liking to her but then his younger sister learns that she is actually a fake and inform her parents who become upset. At the same time woojin becomes the director of the resort and see’s Joo Mi with a photographer playing around and seems to become upset when hes leaving he seems them again and makes the driver stop the car. He tells joo mi to get in his car and asks her what kind of relationship she has with him, making it obvous he was jealous, I was totally smiling during this part I like this couple more than the lead one,jaja
So after everyone finds out shes a fake they apologize but then Woo Jin comes out with the surprise that he actually wants to marry her. At first she denies him but she accepts after he sings for her and theyre little romance starts to bloom. We then find out woo jin’s step mom is actually joo mi’s real mom which i kinda suspected it and because of this joo mi’s grandmother is now against the marriage because she cant accept the fact that joo mi’s mom is gonna take in her own daugther as a daughter in law but i think theres more to it because they keep hinting about it. So then the older sister is getting wooed(lol) by the guy but shes refusing him because shes recently divorced and has a 7 yr old kid. So this is where i left off,lol I know i have said this before but im really liking this drama.

I tend to write as i had an actual audience like if i was saying it and I kinda feel dumb sometimes because of it, and i was wondering what do you guys think of it, I know I say this a lot in some of the post, what do u you guys think? what do you recommend? and i say this because i would really like to hear some feedback from you guys or who ever read this, It would help me a lot to know if you guys like my way of writting or not or things you would like me to write about, im open to any ideas you guys may have ^^


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