A thousand kisses review(ep 1-4?)

So i just started to see a thousand kisses and so far im in episode 2 and im liking it ^^ i thankfully have now a replacement for gye baek at least until they continue subbing it. But im getting upset that the woman’s husband is clearly cheating and she still doubts what she has seen with her own two eyes and from what they’ve hinted it seems he has done it before and yet she forgives him or accepts what he says, keeps getting me mad. Im starting to think maybe i should start jogging somewhere, maybe i’ll meet some cute guy as well,lol So im watching episode 3 now,lol 4 now, sorry im just gonna do this quickly cause im just gonna keep watching and as you may have realized ive sort of become hooked to it. You make ask yourself why ? and well even i dont know since nothing major has happened and its bearly the start but ive become drawn to it. Im really liking it I should have started sooner. Well so far shes(the main lady),yes i still have to learn the names, finally realized her husband is cheating again for the third time! I would’ve of kicked him out the first time, come on she was pregnant with HIS kid and hes playing around he even missed the birth why? because he was with the other woman, I became really mad watching that part. Ok so she tries asking for divorce and what happens? instead of saying(the mother in law) “I understand why” she starts yelling at her telling her shes over reacting…ugh not my favorite part =/ So the soccer…coach? ugh cant remember is becoming closer to the mom and i kinda think he’s starting to have a thing for her or why hang around? Then her sister im guessing likes the tall,handsome, dark and mysterious stranger and i admit it I do too. So far im really liking it ^^.



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