Monday couple or ji hyo and sparta kook?

so i recently ive started to really ship ji hyo and sparta kook and well i had always like the song ji hyo and sparta kook couple but since the one enforced in the show is monday couple i loved them, dont get me wrong im still a monday couple shipper but…lately ive been liking the interactions between them i find myself repeating the scenes a couple a times,lol For example i repeated a few time a part in ep 40 where theyre doing the concert and he calls her cute i was giggling my butt off every time i repeated it ^_^ also when theyre at the aquarium and hes moving everyone i wanted to see how close he got her,yea i know,lol or when ji hyo called jong kook thinking she had called kwang soo i found those moments sooo cute  but im a monday couple fan so i feel guilty once in a while but lately there hasnt been any cute moments between them and its like the magic is slowly disappearing, idk what do you guys think, are any of you slowly going from monday couple to ji hyo and sparta kook?


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