Gye Baek…no gye baek =(

so i havent had time to catch up on all the dramas that have come out recently and well if you read my blog you know the only one ive been watching is gye baek but i bearly checked yesterday to see if they had posted a few more subbed epsidoes but they havent so im still at 24 =( so the only things im currently watching right now is running man, wgm and invincible youth and thats it before i used to watch about 3 dramas at the same time but lately ive gone to only one since i lost track of what dramas are coming out and i seem to be losing interest but im not sure why. So im a little sad that i havent been able to watch gye baek and i dont wanna watch in raw cause i don’t wanna kill the fun plus i wouldn’t understand a single word since like many of you im not korean,lol So im thinking i have to find a drama to replace gye baek while someone decides to keep subbing it but i dont know which dramas they’re giving, do you guys recommend any dramas that barely finished or are currently watching? I still find the need to watch at least one,lol so what should i watch next?


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