The Big Bang Theory (sheldon and amy) Season 5

so just a quick post, ive been catching up on the big bang theory and omg im totally falling in love with the invisible? not sure what to call it love line between sheldon and amy, theyre so cute together i really love this two characters i think it was a few episodes back that she kissed him when drunk. totally found that funny and cute at the same time, I also think Sheldon likes her in his own weird way.heres some screen caps from when theyre cuddling in the couch,lol



i know i said it was a quick post but i guess i have more to say. Maybe im just shipping this couple and maybe theres nothing coming out on his part but back to that episode when she kissed him he didnt really reject it either he took it. After that*next few episodes* amy goes to a wedding with Lenard(?)  and he admits to sheldon that shes easy to be around with and know how to loosen and guy and then goes to say something about his groin being sore and sheldon hits him all of sudden repeating that amy is not for him. I dont know about you guys but i took that as a serious sign of jealousy dont you think? I also think he likes her because in this episode im watching amy is hurt when penny and the other girl go brides maid dress shopping without her, sheldon tries to get in touch with her by various ways but cant so he worries. He makes Leonard(?) take him to her apt to see what happens since hes also worried but doesnt admit it that maybe something happened to her because a bobcat is loose in her neighborhood. He doesnt know how to really express it but i think you can see that he has some sort of feelings for her, she proposes sex to feel better but of course he doesnt accept it but is willing to cuddle with her. I find it kinda cute that he does that, i really want to see how these two are gonna end up. ok done ^^


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