asian dramas that ive watch + reviews

So this is my second batch of my favorite asian dramas, like in the previous post i’ll rate em in 1-5 in 5 being the highest score. Theyre not rated in rank because its too hard to decide by order,lol

Edit: I decided to change it,lol sorry but im just gonna post the dramas ive watched and rate em but im include in my review if its my faovorite, as you can see im not very good at this thing i keep changing my mind,lol. Gye Baek ep 24 link in the bottom.

1) My too perfect sons or a.k.a The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House

I rate this one 5/5,lol i love this drama and ive watched it several times because i dont get tired of it. This drama is about a family that has four sons, the oldest a pharmacist, the second a doctor, the third a reporter and the fourth who is still in college. It gives the lives of all 4 of them on their way to discover love and a little of themselves. I especially love the first two older ones and their loves lines i find it very cute ^__^ but especially the second couple couple(bottom left corner), because he had to learn the hard way that you dont know what you have until its gone. I really recommend this dramas, though its 50? episodes long its very touching.

2) 9 ends 2 outs

I give this one a 4/5, and its one of my favorites because this is the first korean drama i ever saw, its what got me into korean dramas, kpop and korean variety shows.  Basically it just follows the lives of two best friends in the 30’s who start living together and little by little discover theres more to their friendship when old loves and new loves come.  I really like it and its not a must watch but its something worth adding to the see next drama list. I recommend it.

3)  The woman who still wants to marry

I give this one a 3.5/5. This dramas is ok, i liked it enough and i think it represented a lot of things society puts on woman. Such stereotypes as a woman past the age of 30 should be married or getting married soon or they’re called a spinster. It brings to mind the topic of marriage and love and i think this is something that should be added to the watch next playlist.

4) 49 Days

I rate this one a 5/5. I love this drama because it shows just because you have good intentions towards people it doesnt meant theyre gonna take it that way or that everyone around you is your true friend. This drama has a lot to teach in my opinion this is one that its a must see, trust me i almost didnt watch it but i fell in love with this drama.

5) He who cant get married

I give this one a 4.5/5. One of my favorite dramas omg i laughed soo much with this drama. This drama is about a guy who likes to be alone and he meets two women who start making that kinda impossible and a third woman whose his coworker, who i think likes him but im not sure. Little by little he starts to develop feelings for one of em*the one with the green background* and his akward courtship starts of course he doesnt realize it because well according to him being alone is a much better choice. I really recommend this drama his awkwardness is really funny, a must see.

Well those are some of the dramas ive watch, maybe i’ll post some more later. By the way ep 24 of gye baek im not really liking it, its starting to get eh…idk but im disliking Ui Ja a lot. maybe next episode will be more interesting, heres the link for ep 24.


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