My favorite asian dramas + reviews

As i was editing my previous post I got an idea that maybe i should write about my favorite dramas, I know maybe some will agree or disagree or maybe add to watch next list,lol so ima list my top…10?15? idk,jaja its hard to pick so maybe i’ll do it by parts? so i’ll just add some and then i’ll just see,jaja Ima just gonna post in no rank order but i’ll just post like 3 out of 5 like that,lol but i think i’ll post 5 dramas for now

1) Queen Seon Duk

I give this drama a 4.5/5 rating. I love this drama its like my top ten! It has a great story line, love line and evil line,jaja The actors and actresses were awesome. I loved the story line between Mishil and deokman the tension the hate and somehow some admiration(in my opinion), Mishil was awesome and i think shes the main reason why i love this drama so much. She did an awesome job being so evil and you just loved to hate her.  Ko Hyun Jung did an awesome job portraying the character if she was an actress here in the US and i had the power I would give her a grammy, an oscar and anything else i can,lol But why give it a 4.5 out of 5, because i hated the way they killed her i really do, they give the impression that shes a strong woman but in the end she suicides?? In my mind she would of fought till the end and not give up but i guess not also the end got boring, so thats why im giving a 4.5.

2) Secret Garden

I give this drama a…3.5 I dont think i’ll rate a 5 but idk. This drama was really good i really like it and is one that i would recommend it. It had a good story line and the romance was awesome a Cinderella story line a rich guy falls in love with a poor woman but with magic involved. I think it was really sweet and i even gotta say this was the first drama, well korean drama that made me cry, he was willing to give his life up so that she could live, i found it super awesome and romantic im almost wanting to give it a 4 but…its not a drama that i  super like , but i like it well enough ^^.

3)  It Started With A Kiss & They Kiss Again

I give this one 5/5! I absolutely love this drama, I think I can safely say this is my #1 favorite. As many or most of you know this is the Taiwanese version of what the Korean version is playful kiss. Though in my opinion this is wayyy better, but basically this drama is of a girl whose not so smart that falls in love with a guy whose a genius. Something happens and she ends up living in his house and her adventures you could say start and little by little he wins him over. But of course this isnt a totally happy drama you also get to see the suffering she goes through before shes with him and after she marries him. As if to show or give the lesson that not everything in life is good that there’s also ups and downs and marriage and love is not happily ever after. I really love this drama and i love the actors that portrayed this characters, they knew how to convey the feelings very well, and i admit that every time i watch this drama i cry.

4) Hana yori Dango

*this pics are getting bigger and bigger,lol*

This is my second favorite japanese drama and i give it a 4.5/5. This drama is also known as Boys over flowers in the korean version, but i prefer this one way more. Though its the same story line as boys over flowers(since it is based on the same anime) i feel that these actors did a better job, or idk maybe cause i saw this version first but i prefer this one. But remakes are usually not good, in my opinion of course.

5) Hana Kimi (japanese version)

This is my favorite japanese drama!! and i give it 5/5,lol Basically this drama is about a girl that makes herself seem like a guy to get into an all boys school because she feels she owes one of them because of accident that occured,yes i know i suck at giving summaries. But this is a good dramas i promise, it has funny and cute and crazy moments you will totally love it. Little by little you fall in love with all the characters, i really recommend it.

So this is the first batch of my favorite asian drama, i think i started saying kdramas but i gotta share whats good or at least what i think are good dramas. Either i’ll post another 5 later on this evening *since ive been working on this post since past noon on & off” or later sometime this week.


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