Ojakgyo Brothers review

So i started watching Ojakgyo brothers and well im not even done with the first and i already know im not gonna finish it, why? well truthfully i didnt really become interested in it i find it kinda boring, sorry for those who loved this drama but so far i havent gotten hooked so ima stop watching it,lol but what do u guys think? should i continue watching or from what episode does it get interesting? Gonna look around to see if theres other good dramas,lol

EDIT (12/7/11):

Ok so i was thinking why didn’t I like it and there was something like familiar about it and then i realized it kinda reminded me of My too perfect sons of also known as The sons of sol pharmacy house idk if you have watched it but basically its about a family who has 4 sons just like this one. As the other drama the oldest one goes on blind dates to try to get married and somehow somehow the second son in also a reporter just like in the other one. I can also bet that the woman who rents a room in their house is gonna end up with the oldest son i can just see it coming a mile away. Dont get me wrong i dont dislike it cause i hated the other drama and because it reminds me of it i hate it, not its not that because in fact i loved my too perfect sons, i thought it was an amazing drama. Plus idk this drama just didnt really feel interesting  but i was gonna start to watch 1000 kisses? Not sure if its gonna be good but ima give it a try sorry i wrote a small post but didnt really know what to say about it,lol


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