Gye Baek ep 20 review pt 2

I know it say review but i think this is mostly my opinion of whats gonna happen.

So i was thinking why would Eun Go turn evil? and then it kinda hit me that the same thing kinda happened to Queen Sataek(?). As seen in a previous episode before she married the king she met Mu jin when he was still a personal royal guard to the crown prince and from there she fell in love him. But since she was supposed to marry the prince she had to put that love aside to marry him, and i think that is what maybe turned her evil. Marrying a man she didnt love, and then see how the man she did love fall in love with someone else and marry her. That must have cause something inside her to change from a good woman to a bad one. I think the same happens to Eun Go she loves gye baek and he asks her to leave with him to where he is gonna work as a commander. But here comes Ui Ja who likes her too and stops her from going claiming that he needs her by his side that the job is not done, separating her from Gye Baek. I think the same thing as well will happen with her, little by little its gonna get to her that she didnt leave with gye baek and maybe he’ll get married to someone else and she’ll start to resent Ui Ja for it and thats why she starts to turn evil and hungry for power to make em suffer. Of course this is just my opinion since im still waiting for subs after this episode, but in my opinion it is probable cause. I dont know what do u guys think?


its my first time doing screen caps,lol


2 responses to “Gye Baek ep 20 review pt 2

  1. i thing Eun go was always power hungry and that’s why she didn’t leave with Gye Baek and remained with Ui Ja. she had more than 1 chance to take off with Gye but didn’t and her spite against him later when he wouldnt suport her son for crown prince demonstrated that she would easily use his affection for her to become more powerful. Yes Ui Ja tricked her but it wouldn’t have been possible if she was committed to Gye and not power. Queen Sataek saw that in Eun and told her that she was just like her- and she was right.

    • Well I think she became power hungry because of what ui ja did, she was basically forced to marry him and when discovering that because of her was the reason why her whole clan was killed then it was obvious why she became evil. I also think it was more of a matter of revenge and pride, revenge for what ui ja did and why he did it and pride because the queen would try to humiliate her. But since Eun Go was smart she knew where she could hurt the queen more and that was making her son crown prince. What bigger way to humiliate the queen than the son of a concubine becoming crown prince and not only that but being overthrown and exiled as a queen by her?
      I don’t think it would have been possible for her to go with Gye Baek because ui ja was super obsessed with her he wouldn’t have let her leave so easily. I think what queen sataek meant was that she was like her because both of them were good at first but life at the palace changes people. She(Queen Sataek) turned evil because she was forced to marry the king when she loved someone else and even then the king was in love with someone else. So she knew that sooner or later she would start to change as well, of course this is just my opinion,lol

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