Gye Baek ep 20 review

Ok so i just finished watching ep 20 and i have like so many many questions!! So for those that are watching it or finished watching maybe ur thinking the same as me or are as confused as me. Or maybe u guys are smarter and catched on like since before the drama started,lol ok maybe like an ep or two before this one. So right now ui ja has gone to visit his maternal aunt who is the queen of shilla, but hes welcome by his cousin kim chun chu(?) and then im like hold up! kim chun chu??? isnt he the one that supposedly is the nephew of queen seon duk? didnt her sister only have one son? so i was so confused and i asked around and someone told me that maybe he was the son of a cousin of queen seon duk and it kinda made sense but something felt weird. *of course all my reference on koreas history is from dramas* so i wiki it,lol so apparently its wasnt only the two twins, they  had another sister called Seonhwa which came to be ui ja’s mom,apparently theres also some controversy there but thats another story, but as i recall in a previous drama(lol) seonhwa was seon duk’s nanny but somehow that got taken out of the drama. So after reading this it made sense, the queen that ui ja visited was no other than Queen Seon Duk! i kinda wished they had used the same actress from the other drama it would of been awesome. But of course im not gonna fully trust what wiki says since someone who has seen the same dramas could of written it. Well just wanted to share this piece of information with you guys in case you were also lost like me,lol

So far im still loving this drama, Queen Sataek(?) is gone but i think maybe shes coming back but at the same time i highly doubt it but she was shown as a queen that didnt back down but she also knew when it was over. It just seemed too easy the way she gave up but oh well, so now gye baek is a commander and i think Eun go is a noble? im not sure but i hate it, that her becoming a noble was pushed by Ui ja because hes freaking jealous. Ive read in articles that Eun Go turns evil and i think its because she gets to live in or near the palace and the hunger for power starts if Ui ja had led her go to gye baek she would of stayed good. But i kinda wanna see this transformation from good to evil and by the pics and what shes wearing i think she becomes ui ja’s concubine poor gye baek. Of course im not 100 percent sure this is just speculation after all im like 2/3 into the drama. Well so far they only have 21 episodes subbed where i watch it so who knows when i’ll write my next review but so far im still happy with this drama.

doesnt she look like a queen? this is where i get my ideas from,lol

p.s heres the link for ep 20 with eng subs


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