Running Man ep 61-64 review

Even though its a review of four episodes i think we know which episodes im mainly gonna focus on,lol So as soon as i got back from my trip the next day i decided to catch up on wgm and running man and watched the china special. I loved how HaHa, Kwangsoo and i cant remember the third person i think it was one of the girl that were three first people to throw a (blank),will have to rewatch that part, out the great wall of china,lol found it hilarious i thought jong kook would do better at it but he only did one and manahe to hit himslef with it as well,lol It was a pretty good episode that had its moments but i think without ji hyo or when someone from the cast is missing is not quite the same. The second was good as well but ji hyo looked tired im guessing this is around the time she got hospitalized for fatigue which was proven true in ep 63 where she missed another episode yet again. As much as i would love to see monday couple moments i prefer her healthy. But the episodes i enjoyed the most watching were 63 and 64, omg i just LOVE the kwangsoo and yuri love line(?) if we could call it that it had me laughing and laughing and seeing the boys soo excited was funny. there we soo many funny parts in the episodes but my favorite one out of all of the was the supermarket part ^_^ kwang soo was having a blast and his imagination was really running couldnt stop laughing when he said yuri wasnt feeling well because (implying) she was expecting their third,jaja I cant stop laughing even now XD i think ima end up shipping this couple, i really liked how on some parts even though what kwang soo said was weird she went along with it or defended him in her way i found it kinda cute. All the couple were hilarious but (please please dont kill me for this) i think at some point gary became annoyed with jessica, i just got that feeling at some points his expressions werent that happy and i think he must have regretted switching so much,lol In episode 64 when they find the girls missing jae suk is like i knew this was gonna happen,lol poor guys they dont get to keep happiness for long,lol but overall i love this two latest episodes and cant wait for the next one since now ima have to wait just like everyone else since the episode for this last week was cancelled because of a baseball game *booo!!!* but what can we go, us foreign fans cant do nothing from where ever we are at .

I’ll leave you with my fave part ^__^

thanks to ss2207 for the video and soshi subs for the subs


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