My adventures(?) in Guatemala

So about 5 days ago i got back from my trip to Guatemala( I went there for almost a month) though the trip had it ups it was mostly downs at least from my perspective. I got to meet 3 of 4 new cousins, didn’t meet the fourth since she lives at a place i would never go to on my own free will its too scary at night, got to see my aunts,uncle and cousins that i hadn’t seen in a while. Even then that was dangerous(not really), why well where my dad is from almost the whole street is of my dads family so once in a while guys would come in to ask for something. some i would recognize as cousins and others not as much, imagine the shock i felt when checking them out and being told oh that guy that passed by is your cousin!(in 2nd place) ewww i know thats what happens when u dont remember all of ur family but it was too late. I even got to meet my cousin in 4th place,lol and she has two kids meaning i have a nephew and niece in 5th?6th? place im not really sure how that works. Like i told my mom and grandma i love Guatemala but in the day, if i could fly back to LA during the night i would but then i wouldn’t sleep anything cause it would take two 4 hr flights plus another two 3hr trip from the capital to chiquimula i wouldn’t do anything worthwhile. So i had to kinda suck it up,lol During the day it was ok except for the heat but at night omg it was terrible. It rained and hard, there was lighting and thunder and it was dark, i hate thunder im like super scared of it, so you can imagine how it was to sleep at someone elses house in that condition for night after night. Not only that, it seems my stomach either didnt like the water or the food and it punished me for it so i really bonded with both my grandmother’s bathroom,jaja and when i did manage to get “better” i got the flu. I was sick for the whole month i was there, and because of the thunderstorms i didnt sleep much. So when i got back here i weighted myself and found out i lost 6 pounds so im thinking i should go for another 2 or 4 months,lol It was an ok trip but its something that maybe i would do again in 5 or 6 yrs but for two weeks not 1 month.


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