Gye Baek so far (ep 7)

I gotta say im addicted to this drama now and if you haven’t watched up to episode 7 then i suggest you stop reading,lol Even though it doesnt have so far the drama of QSD it still has its own thing. So far General Mu Jin has died which im not really too happy with but i guess the story is of his son and not him, but oh well maybe i should look up his other dramas. Now we see an older Gye Baek who is fighting as a prisoner of Shilla, correct me if im wrong, when they were ambushed by them when being taken to be killed for being the son of the man who “attempted” to murder the queen. But we know it was all show to get prince Ui ja to live, but of course gye baek is unaware of this. To be honest im not really sure where this drama is going, I understand that well ui ja wants revenge for the Great queens death(his mom), and that Eun Go(?) wants revenge also for her parents death and then i assume gye baek is also gonna want revenge for the death of his parents. But whats gonna happen after that? is the plot only gonna be focused on that? So far im liking this drama but if its all gonna be based on the same then i think its gonna get boring but then again its only gonna be 32 episodes shorter than the average historical drama which is around 50 episodes long.



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