Dont you just love korean historical dramas? *KDrama Review*

Review of ep 1 of Gye Bael(so far)
So I just started watching Gye Baek that started a few weeks ago i think and it started with what i love the most, a war scene,lol and then we have a assassination attempt on the Queen and the prince and we see who is who all in the first episode!! I just love how there is always tension and backstabbing within the palace. The second wife(concubine) puts the face, well tries, of a sweet and loving wife but the second i saw her i knew she was gonna be the B**** of this drama. I just know ima love to hate her, of course my favorite historical drama villain is Mishil from Queen Seon Duk, but lets see how this one does. So far so good, she keeps insisting that “I dont covet the position of queen” that’s BS i can even predict shes the one behind the assassination attempts on the queen. Its always like that even in Dong Yi concubine Jang killed the dowager queen(kings mom) and manage to send the queen(kings wife) into exile, and what for? for the position of queen! and this woman(ive yet to learn her name) wants the same thing. The second wife never wants to be the second but being first or kill those that are in the way. Just like Queen Seon Duk the king has no real power its actually her the second queen that does, and you might say well isnt that enough she has the actual power and control and yes maybe she does but her tittle is that of a concubine. How can i explain it, if i were the concubine and had all the power having the title of concubine would hurt my pride I would want the title of Queen because if i have power then i also want a title worthy of my power, get it? But its not only that, she says shes not jealous put actually pities the king but i think she is. Because the one who the king actually loves is the first wife, the queen, and even has a 10yr old son with her. While so far it looks like the concubine hasnt been able to give a child to the king, oh but when she does and its a boy a whole drama for the title of crown prince is gonna start. Oh forget it i spoke too soon since im watching and writing this at the same time, the concubine does have a child and a boy! No wonder they didnt want to let the king make the queens son crown prince, the drama is already happening. Omg so much things for the first episode,lol OMG the concubine’s son(ima call him prince #2) saw his mom crying and asked her why and she said she wasnt, so prince 2 grabs the bunny he hunted(who is still alive) and put him on the table and all of sudden stabs it with a knife and says hes gonna do that to whoever makes her cry, omg the kids a freak like his mom. I really hope he doesnt become crown prince he’ll be a tyrant. So just finished watching ep 1 and by the preview ep 2 is gonna be EPIC, but no one has subbed yet =( and this is what i hate liking a drama and then finding out no one subs it =( oh why cant i know korean or at least chinese since sometimes it gets translated into chinese but oh well lets see what happens. So from what ive seen so far i think this drama is gonna be good plus ji hyo unnie is gonna be in it ^_^.


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