Welcome to the wonderful world of kpop…? hmm….

Take a good look at this picture but a very good look. How old do you think this people are?

They’re in the late 20’s? middle 20’s? 30’s? I know maybe your not gonna believe what im about to say but supposedly thats the truth. The guy you see right there is a korean actor born in 1984, she is a Korean pop singer that is about to debut in about a week, but you wanna know why i have such a a special reaction towards this kind of picture, its because the girl you see in this pic is not 22 yrs old, or 20, or 18 NOOOO! she is 14!!!! 14!!! born in 1997!! and maybe your thinking you’re just jealous cause she gets to be in the photo shoot with him, and yes maybe a little after all he did an amazing job in birth of the rich and that japanese/korean movie but still!! Why did he agree to something like that?? shes still young and i feel her company shouldn’t allow her to do those kinds of photo shoots yet. Maybe when she’s 18 but at 14 she is still too young for that, he’s 5 yrs years older than me! But maybe i shouldnt be so harsh since after all im a fan of boy groups who have guys that are younger than me and that with one smile im like OMG! I blame their companies for making them act more mature or something. Do you know how shocked i was when i looked up their info( yes im a noona stalker,lol) and saw that taemin from shinee was born in 93? or that the members of boyfriend were born in 93,94,95!! at least its not much with chansung from 2pm who is a 90 or minho from shinee who is 91, but even then i swear i thought they were my age or older. Or maybe i just got used to the way the look. When shinee debuted i didnt like em i just thought theyre wannabes or something but now look at my mp3 and i have their songs in it,lol When i first started seeing korean  dramas, shows and listening to kpop it felt a little weird. For example there were things guys or men did that left me like omg! because its something you normally wouldnt see men do here in the US or maybe cause it was infinity challenge( wouldnt recommend it to someone new in the kpop world) cause its a funny show but its also weird,lol But then i slowly realized that even though it was a little weird not once did they say bad words, or rude expressions everything was clean, unlike certain comedians here that for every 10 word 7 are cuss words. Its clean and healthy comedy and one comedian that i admire is Yoo Jae Suk, that man is incredible that does acts of kindness and doesnt boast about it and you find out because people come out with stories of how he helped them a couple of yrs ago with this or that. When he doing his shows in public he never disrespects his elders even though maybe hes in the middle of a game, if they stop him or offer him something he stops and takes the time to thank them. basically i just love this man and one day i wish i could go all the way to korea to meet him if they asked me which korean celebrity i would like to meet, it would be him,lol Well basically all this korean stuff came to mind because its about this time 4 years ago i saw my first drama, so its kinda like an anniversary,lol dont judge me!! we all have our stuff,lol I should go to sleep but i hate sleeping alone, i scare myself so much that i dont need scary movies my imagination is my own worst enemy =/

p.s I seem to have started mad and then lost track of my own subject,lol

p.s.s 6 more days till Mc Yoo or a.ka yoorice willus(?) birthday!!


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